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The site is within an area given over to playing fields to the south of Pomphrey Hill, and to the west of the Bristol Ring road, falling within the designated Green Belt.

An assessment of alternative locations for a possible building has been undertaken by Avon Archaeological Unit, whose report concluded that of the areas investigated, the chosen site was favourable, although there are areas of Roman remains close by.

The building consists of two storeys set into sloping ground, allowing the lower floor to relate to the general level of the pitches, and the upper level to relate to the car park and entrance route.

The building is designed to be robust, to resist the risks from vandalism, without being hostile to its users, and to sit comfortably within its rural location, using natural materials.

Natural daylighting into the larger spaces is enhanced by linear rooflights that provide east facing glazing and high-level natural ventilation along one slope combined with solar collectors that face west on the opposite slope. The building is designed to make maximum use of solar thermal power to contribute to the hot water and heating systems.

South Gloucestershire Council

Leadbitter Construction

Quantity Surveyors:
RLB, Bristol

Structural Engineers:
Ramboll, Bristol

Building Services Consultants:
Brodie Partnership, Bristol

February 2011

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