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The new Bath Fertility Centre will provide IVF treatment, and is relocating from the out-dated building on the current site at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. The proximity to the new CircleBath Hospital will allow for the sharing of professional staff and resourcing.

The building is single storey and rectangular in form, developed as an efficient plan to separate the key functions that take place within; on one hand the procedural operations, and on the other, outpatients and consultation. The concept for the building is one of rationality, but with some expression of the contemporary function, through the high quality cladding, and raised clerestory glazing.

The arrangement of rooms within the plan creates an informal waiting area that has incidental observation from Reception, and yet remains discreet from the Consultation Rooms and from the Procedural areas.

The raised roof planes allow clerestory glazing to admit daylight into the depth of the building, expanding the sense of space in the waiting area, and providing natural light along internal circulation routes, while avoiding any loss of privacy.

The elevations are intended to present an ordered pattern of precise cladding that reflects the scientific precision of the building function, with storey-height windows fitting the vertical rhythm of the cladding joints. The choice of cladding is intended to give the building identity, and to provide a subtle change of colour and tone with changing weather and daylight conditions. The height of the external walls masks the variation in the level of concealed roofs over the highly-serviced ceiling zones, and has been regularized at just over 4 metres.

The building is sited to present the main entrance and a principal elevation towards Roman Way, the approach road, to give some strength to the modest single storey proportions, and to locate the consulting rooms facing the mature hedge, to benefit from a natural outlook but with no overlooking from the road.

Repromed, Bath

Fit Out & Clean Room Specialist:
Atlas Environments

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Colliers, Bristol

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Development Solutions

Structural Consultant:
KB2, Bristol

Quantity Surveyort:
Cyril Sweett, Bristol

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