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The proposed new studio and car port are conceived as a separate ‘pavilion’ standing at the end of the garden, occupying the space between the original garden wall and the new fence. The building has a flat roof, to minimise height, and being consistent with the idea of using a simple palette of natural materials.

The roof of the studio and car port are set slightly higher than the glass link and the ‘loggia’ to give them sufficient headroom and to avoid a monolithic appearance, while at the same time keeping all the new accommodation low in relation to the existing building, and avoiding any repetition of slated pitched roofs which are part of the main living accommodation.

The rectangular plan is subdivided, separating the studio from the car port with a ‘storage wall’ that also incorporates services, such as a sink and water/drainage for the studio. The studio can open out to the south into a private outside working space while the car port is open to the north, onto the mixture of small trees and shrubs that characterize the wilder part of the site area.

A decorative pool will reflect light into the studio, providing a constantly changing quality of reflected patterns, and also defines the route along the front of the studio, within the loggia.

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