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This new detached house occupies a level site amongst mid-20th century bungalows and quiet suburban gardens. The brief from our client, based on an earlier outline planning permission, enable us to develop a design where space is maximised within a modest form that exceeds the surrounding precedents.

The structural steel frame allows the subdivision of plan and section without visual interference, and the treatment of the external envelope responds simply to orientation and privacy.

A hardwood framed glazing system contains large double glazed elements in the south facing gable elevation that fold back to open the living space onto the garden. The solidity is reinforced by the use of flush lime putty jointed ashlar Bath stone facing north to the road, and east along the entrance approach.

Canopies are expressed to announce the approach to the main entrance (not yet completed), and the central opening bay of the glazed screen facing the garden.

Half the plan area is occupied by the full height living space with study balcony, while bedrooms, bathrooms, garage and storage are contained discreetly within the remainder.


Main Contractor:
Wraxall Builders Ltd, Bath

Structural Engineer:
Mander Structural Design, Bath

December 2001

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